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Why Search Engine Marketing/ PPC?

It is not easy to beat your competitors and achieve top organic results, but your business can’t wait to get customers. You need leads, sales, and revenue to stay in the race. With the help of PPC, you can bring in constant flow of leads and sales without waiting in queue for organic rankings.

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Years experience
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Expert professionals
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End user satisfaction
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Global reach
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Our PPC and Search Marketing services help you boost your business. Let’s get started


SkeegTen Search Marketing Services Includes

  • keywords-research

    Keywords research

    We identify the best keywords your customers are using, identify the best match type combinations, and build a ROI focused campaign based on it.

  • competitors-analysis-1

    Competitor analysis

    We analyze your competition, identify their keywords focus and budget and prepare a counter strategy to not only drive sales, but also to put then down.

  • ppc-service

    Bid management

    We constantly observe keyword bids, their outcomes, bidding strategy, and follow the best bid management practices to deliver you maximum ROI.

  • marketing-strategy

    Text and display ads

    SkeegTen runs both text and display ads on behalf of your business to capture maximum impression share across the search and display networks.

  • web-design

    Shopping campaigns

    We understand that product sales is the most important for e-Commerce, so we offer well defined shopping campaigns to help with boosting immediate sales.

  • web-analytics

    Periodic reporting

    We create a customer dashboard to update you with the progress of your search marketing campaigns in real-time. We also send periodic reports with KPIs.


Our Search marketing services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Improved sales

    Our SEM services are ROI focused, so your business enjoys more relevant leads and improved sales. In any case we promise more than 300% ROI on your search marketing budget.

  • More conversions

    Well designed campaign, more accurate ad copies, catchy creatives combined with aggressive bid strategy, helps you get more conversion reducing the Cost Per Lead for your business.

  • More reach

    Your campaigns and ads are optimized to acquire more impression share resulting in more visibility of your ads across the selected platforms and channels on all kinds of device.

  • Better control

    By outsourcing search engine marketing for your business to SkeegTen you are relieved with the burden of lead generation, you can better focus on leads nurturing and customer satisfaction.

  • Small initial investment

    We offer search engine marketing for all budget, that means you can start promoting your business on Google and other search engines even with a very small budget and enjoy all benefits.

Stop wasting time and money on PPC campaigns. Let SkeegTen takeover