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How To Increase Engagement On Facebook

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s life these days. Especially Facebook is among the most used social media platform across the world. According to Statista, as of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users. That means approximately 30% of the entire world’s population is using Facebook.

That’s the reason, Facebook is the darling of social media marketing and advertising and every business is trying to poach on the maximum number of potential customers from Facebook. However, one of the most important concerns of Facebook advertisers is low engagement. Facebook engagement matters because:

  • it directly impacts the organic reach of posts
  • increased engagement ensures more chances of news feed appearance
  • more engagement provides more exposure to your audience and in their network

Engagement is important for the marketing purpose because the more you are engaged to your audience, the more brand visibility you will have.

Practical Tips To Increase Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

  1. Make a post to teach and entertain – Follow the thumb rule of 2:3, where 2 posts should aim towards your marketing and 3 posts should aim towards teaching, giving information related to your service, informing about the latest updates and changes, and inspiring to use the company’s product or services. People want to engage with content that makes them think, laugh, and improve their lives in some or the other way.
  2. Know your audience – To have good engagement with your customer you need a good knowledge of what your customer needs. It might be possible what you find entertaining, or inspiring might not be of any use to your customer. It’s tricky to understand what your customer wants, here Facebook Insights provides a ton of useful information about your audience.
  3. Quality content is more important than quantity – Facebook recommends keep it simple with simple images, consistent color schemes, and readable/ understandable texts. In case you are running out of original content you can use curated content too.
  4. Keep it short and simple – According to a Facebook survey, people scrolling through news feed spend just 1.7 seconds to consume an item of content on phone and 2.5 seconds while browsing on the computer. So, you need to make posts that are eye-catchy enough.
  5. Make a video and go live with your account – Video posts see higher engagement than normal photo post and Live videos see the highest engagement of all, getting six times more interactions than regular video posts. Can’t think of a reason to go live?
  6. Ask interesting/ interactive questions – Asking questions can trigger engagement, be creative while asking questions. Also, pick up the current trending questions, this will boost your engagement.
  7. Be quick with your responses – Make it a thumb rule be quick with your responses and do respond to both negative and positive comments. Fans who engage with your posts expect your response in return. Sometimes people ask a question and all they need is your response.
  8. Be consistent with your post and timing of post – Be consistent with your post. One post today and next after a month won’t give you the desired engagement. Facebook says that you’re more likely to see engagement if you post when your fans are online. Know when your customer is online –
    1. Click Insights at the top of the screen of your Facebook page
    2. In the left column, click Posts
    3. Click When Your Fans Are Online

If you can’t post when your customer is online, you surely can use schedule your post feature and schedule it at the time your customer is online.

  1. Drive traffic from other sources – If you have a website and more people visit there you can simply put a button directing them towards your Facebook page. You can do this at any other source from where you get traffic.
  2. Get engaged in Facebook groups – According to a Facebook survey, more than 200 million people are members of Facebook groups that they consider to be meaningful. So, getting active in groups of your meaning doesn’t seem to be a bad idea at all.
  3. Use Facebook stories – Facebook stories are placed at the top of your news feed, isn’t it a great place to grab an eye-ball? Think smartly.
  4. Boost your posts – Boosting posts means Facebook advertising, which allows you to get your posts to reach more customers and thereby increase your chances of engagement.

Above are some of the ways in which you can increase Facebook engagements and boost your social media presence.


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