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SEO is all about links and content.

To excel in search results, you need to focus on useful content and build relevant links. For as long as I remember Google has also espoused on the fact that content providing relevant information and are unique along with relevant links are the most important factor for SERP to rank you higher.

Obsessing over the length of meta is not going to give better results in SEO, as with the updates in the Google algorithm search engine has become smart and is not easily fooled by meta tags. Now the search engine thrives over good and relevant content focused on a single keyword, but the keyword not stuffed too much.

How to build the right content?

Even before Google was formed (i.e in 1998), Bill Gates in 1996 wrote an essay that said, “content is the king”. The point is everything in SEO starts and ends with content, be it a blog post, infographic, video, podcasts, or something else. You create content in order to interact with your customers.

Content helps in engaging with your existing customers, attracts new visitors, builds an image of your brand and thus motivates them to take desired actions. This was on part of your targeted customers, content is also a medium via which search engines form a better understanding of your website. Via content, they get to know what your website offers and thus rank it on the search engine result page.

Strategy to create content that will reach a wide audience and have chances to rank in SERP.

If the content is the king and is the base of SEO, a keyword is the base of content. Content without proper keyword targeting is like a long road without any destination. Proper keyword research and proper keyword integration in the difference between creating content strategically with a purpose to drive traffic and creating content because it’s a duty to be completed.

Creating content which are audience-centric means focusing on what your audience wants rather than what you want to talk about.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your keywords and topic:

  • Focus on Long-Tail Keywords
  • Avoid competitive keywords with massive search numbers
  • Use a Keyword Research Tool as Google Adwords
  • Use keywords and create content

Now comes the next important part, link building –

Links have been a major part of how Google and other search engines determine how trustworthy a website is from the beginning. The search engine views each link on your website and as a vote of confidence and determines the quality of your content. After all, if another site is willing to cite you as a source or direct their users away from their own site in favor of one of your pages, you must be offering something of value.

While ranking the website search engines are not only concerned about the content of your website but are looking for the number of links pointing to that page from external websites and the quality of those external websites. Thus, the more high-quality websites that link to you, the more likely you are to rank well in search results.

Here are a few examples of building links.

  • Blog comments
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Guest post signatures
  • Quora Answers etc

Thus good results in SEO can be achieved by curating good content and linking the content to valuable sources.



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