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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Channels You Can Use To Market Your Business

Today digital marketing offers numerous ways to marketing a brand, a product, a service or even an individual. However, relevance is the key. Every mode of digital marketing is not appropriate for every campaign.

It is very tough to list all digital marketing channels to use in a campaign. Because…

  • not all channels can be used for every marketing campaign,
  • everyday new channels are being introduced.

However, a brief classification of available digital marketing channels are as follows:

Content Distribution Channels

Content is the most popular and effective weapon in digital marketing. There are different varieties of content that we use in online marketing. Here we are talking about textual contents only. To distribute text-based content over the internet we have several platforms. According to the intended purpose, we can distribute our content through blogs (self-hosted or shared), forum posts, document distribution networks (SlideShare, DocStoc) and web articles.

Rich Media Channels
Rich media content is more engaging for the audience. A combination of text, audio, voice or animation makes more impact over the minds of our targeted customers. Some of the hottest rich media distribution channels are YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, iTunes, PodOmatic, Podbean, SoundCloud, etc.

Social Media Channels
Social media channels provide multiple sharing and distribution options to us. We can share both text and rich media contents through social media channels. We have several social media channels to help in a digital marketing campaign. Some of them are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Mobile Channels
Increasing use of smartphones opened new avenues of digital marketing. Today, we have the option to promote a brand or business through mobile sites, apps, in-app promotions, and mobile targeted advertisements.

Display Networks
Display promotion options like banner ads and pop-ups are being used in online marketing for a long time. Today, the form of display advertising is transformed. We have options to target audience through Google Display Network, Yahoo (Tumblr), Bing Ads, etc.

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