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Digital Marketing

An Introduction to The World of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of marketing through digital mediums. It offers a way of maximum penetration and helps us be in the front of our customers at every stage of their buying cycle. That’s reason digital marketing offers maximum ROI in comparison to other traditional marketing channels.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing provides uniform (and interlinked) presence across platforms making it easier to establish/ improve brand presence. Today, almost every digital marketing medium provides usage analytics making it easier to make informed marketing decisions based on the data analysis.

Nowadays, digital marketing practices are being utilized everywhere. Depending upon the need or ultimate business goal, we frame out customized campaigns by blending appropriate channels and marketing activities. There are two popular modes of digital marketing:

Inbound (Pull) marketing

In this mode of marketing, we create our presence over digital marketing channels and perform targeted promotional activities to engage maximum people with the brand or business automatically without pushing them directly.

We focus on identifying relevant online crowd-based on behavioral or interest targeting and make our presence in front of them to create brand influence. Depending upon the quality and relevance of our digital marketing activities, customers automatically come to us. This marketing strategy takes time in delivering results but the results are often sustainable.

Example: – SEO, Content Syndication, Streaming Media

Outbound (Push) marketing

In this mode of marketing, we reach out to customers directly with or without their consent and provide them attractive options. Our goal is encouraging customers to make a certain move during or after the communication process. In push marketing also behavioral targeting plays a significant role as it helps in maximizing conversions. This marketing strategy helps in delivering instant results. However, once the activities are stopped, it stops delivering results.

Example: – Email Campaigns, SMS Campaign, Display Advertising, App Advertising

Digital marketing is a dynamic field. With everyday improvements in technology, we are getting more and more options (devices and platforms) to engage with our target audience. It’s up to us to identify prospects in new technologies and platforms and use it to achieve our own business goals.

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